Fit the blocks


Fit The Blocks is a simple yet fun game to play. With lots of colorful square blocks and various shapes to fill up thousands of frames. It challenges your brain and fills your evenings with lots of pleasure. Once you try, you’ll be hooked!

How to play?

  • Fit all the pieces into specific empty space. Simple logic and creativity needed!
  • Take a moment to brainstorm and plan where each block should be located
  • Collect more points to unlock the next levels

Features to enjoy:

  • Simple to learn, easy to get used to from the first try
  • This puzzle teases your brain and improves concentration. More you play, more addictive it gets!
  • Enjoy an endless number of figures and combinations
  • Stress-free with no penalties and time limits
  • Once a level is solved, more figures open up
  • Use your rewards to unlock new levels quicker and get more pleasure