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CharAcademy is an online Academy for IT Beginners without technical experience. We help to master a new profession and find very first job in it.

The project started on February 2022. In it, the CharStudio team shares many years of knowledge and experience with those who want to master a new profession, start work in IT.

Our teachers are practicians, not theorists. They share with students their unique daily experience gained during the work. Students also have a unique opportunity to dive into the life of the company and go through a short practice.

Our slogan is Change The World by Changing Yourself!

We believe that all changes begin in the mind of each of us. And positive changes in the life of the individual are positive changes in his environment, the country and in the world as a whole!

Our products:

The online course ‘QA Manual’ is designed for those who seek to master the basic skills in the profession of ‘QA tester’ and find a job in the new field.

CharAcademy Telegram Channel is a lot of useful and interesting about the IT world, the playing industry and building the career in this area.

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