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Help kawaii characters vs dragon and feel relax-energy collect elements&rewards!
Welcome to an exciting adventure in the anime world Match3 & Puzzle game The Seven Birds!
Enjoy our new free Match3 game with unique challenging levels!
Hone your Match3 anime skills by powerfully blasting through obstacles
and make boosters by collecting elements to earn stars and rewards on each level!
As the city grows, there is less and less greenery, trees,
eco-zones for recreation in it ...
The angry cat Capones intends to blast the city park
of New York in order to build a factory on Christmas eve.
Brave birds and epic friends Kevin, Rosie,
and Bob need to defend the best city park and all its attractions.
Match 3d puzzle to win a new quest with epic birds.
Stock up on ingenuity and luck in order to defeat the angry fiends!
The brave city needs the contribution
of each master to solve the match 3 puzzle games!
Toon&Cute friends need all creativity to match gems,
solve puzzles and win in blast epic events.
Let the new best birds game show
a toon story at Christmas time!
Santa Claus is coming to town! Play this brilliant Christmas game
with charming levels of match 3 fun, filled with lots of new challenges!
Light the candles, clear the snow to find the gifts,
crush chocolate cookie, fill the gift bags,
blast gift box, clear out donut blocks and break the frozen ice.
Drop Santa down the chimney, ignite the firecrackers
and fill the big sock. Join the story of Mr. and Mrs. Santa,
Rudolph and Christmas elf adventure!
You can play Happy Shape Blast all day long, for days, months or even years to come!
Have fun and enjoy the challenge!
Love is in the air! The most romantic game of the year has arrived: Sweet Hearts!
This lovely match 3 puzzle saga features no less than 2400 relaxing and challenging levels.
Play the calming puzzles when you want to relax, or when you're in the mood for some
girly pink match 3 fun, after looking for love in a dating app.
Spring is in the air! Get in the mood for Easter with this
wonderful match 3 game! Play over 1200 mesmerizing
levels filled with many challenges.
Have you ever wondered where the stars come from? Why do they shine from above? Who lights them up? Funny and cheerful Mr. Bushy and his firefly friend can answer that question. Get ready for an exciting adventure in a mystical land, full of amazing places and magical creatures! You will travel through crystal mines, colorful undergrounds, deep rivers, hot deserts and other amazing places!
We thought Christmas Sweeper 2 would be your favorite game
during the holiday season. BUT WE WERE WRONG!
It turns out to be your favorite game the whole year round!
So open this Christmas present NOW, it's FREE!
Colorful and fun Block! Move each block to match empty
area in this Puzzle game. Simple and fun to play!
No LIVES, no TIME LIMIT! Collect BLOCK by BLOCK to win
each level and open new challenges and have fun in a flow.
A good BRAIN stretch to crush Blocks with friends.
Christmas is coming again! Play this Christmas game with 2000 levels of match 3 fun,
filled with lots of new challenges! Light the candles, clear the snow to find the gifts,
catch the jumping snowmen, fill the gift bags. Drop Santa down the chimney,
ignite the firecrackers, fill the big sock and look what's in the fridge.
All while taking care of the snow guns!
Farm Charm is a charming accumulative match-3 puzzler
with lots of fascinating levels! Discover unexpected challenges
along your way, use the amazing boosters, and meet cute
and funny animal friends.
Get ready for the biggest puzzle adventure ever,
filled with sweet cookie crunching & candy blasting happiness!
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