Take a relaxing trip to CandyLand! Swap and match those yummy sweet lollipops to complete the levels. Many hours of fun await in this colorful game!
Type: Free         Tags: lollipops, match, swap, sweet, candies        
Get in the Christmas mood with this relaxing swap & match game! Swap the christmas items to line up 3 or more. Use the bombs and break the chains to advance! There are lots of challenging levels waiting for you, while...
Type: Free         Tags: christmas, match-3, santa, xmass, sweeper        
Free Jelly is a new and free skill game from KaiserGames, the experts for the best games for kids, boys, girls and the whole family. In Free Jelly you have to bring the small Jelly to the exit of each level. In addition...
Type: Free         Tags: free jelly, help, jelly, fun, brain        
... and even more games are coming!
Web site development
We do both: designing and coding. You can have any kind of web site: simple business card, personal web site with social networks support or a complex web site with authorization, role-based access, dinamic content and many other things. Also we can built a simple admin block for managing your web site.
Features & advantages:
- with our specification form it is easier to find out what you need and start work;
- the creation process is splited into couple of stages. On each stage you can see what is done so far and do some adjustments;
- advices of professionals while making a technical assignment;
- well organized code which makes future modification process easier;
- good support system;
- we take care of the web site hosting and domain;
- fast set up of your domain's mail based on google.com (f.e. yourname@yourdomain.com);
- social networks support;
Flash games & apps
Need a flash banner or animation for your web site? Or it is a complex flash game that you want to have on your site? With us it�s easier and cheaper. Our costumers� order tools will help you to define technical specialization of the solution and build it fast and quality.
Features & advantages:
- comfortable user interface and usability;
- secure apps - locked apps to be running only under specified domain;
- short developing time;
- good quality of graphics;
- optimized code for easier creation second app edition;
- advices of professionals while making a technical assignment;
- help with game balance;
- possibilities to use our game designers.
Iphone/Ipad apps
With our technical specification form we define applicaiton functionality, logic and set time-frames. While developing you are able to do modifications in product specification, what allows you to lead the product the way you want.
Features & advantages:
- we can submit the application to Apple store as well as give you this opportunity;
- applications are build on a ready template what makes it even faster;
- you can choose between iOS standart theme and a custom one;
- comfortable user interface and usability;
- optimized code for easier creation second app edition;
- advices of professionals while making a technical assignment;
About us
We are a group of people situated mostly in Ukraine. Each possesses some specific knowledge and a huge experience in the web area. Also depending on the project we include the right people for the best customers' solutions.

Most of the projects are realizing via internet (skype and email) and without physical meetings, as our customers are from different counties around the world. We sell sponsorships for existing solutions (such as flash games and apps), as well as work with customers cases. If you still have not decided what kind of solution you need, our technical specialists will help you to find out what is best for your business and will give you the estimate time and resources according to defined product specification.

Many customers care about further support of their products, not only first development part. We also provide our customers with further support, dealed before. Not mather what is it: some littly modication, a huge functionality changes or the second edition of the application - it all is easy and clear.

We do not set static prices for our solutions, as believe that each case is unique and should be discussed after defining a clear product specification. You are very welcome to ask questions, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact us
E-mail: info@charstudio.com
Skype: char.studio
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We will get back to you as soon as possible!