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Sweet Candies 2
Get ready for the biggest puzzle adventure ever,
filled with sweet cookie crunching & candy blasting happiness!
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About the game

Get ready for the biggest puzzle adventure ever, filled with sweet cookie crunching & candy blasting happiness!

• This game is HUGE: a stunning *4401* tasty levels for years of candy matching fun!
• No impossible levels! No frustration! Easy enough to be playable by all ages!
• Don’t wait for lives, don’t annoy your friends to progress! Play all day long!
• Simple, free and relaxing! So addicting you can’t put it down!

Discover the challenging bright and fun levels in this enjoyable game. Chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and colorful candies in abundance! Sweet? You bet ya!
Do you like the taste of jelly, lollipop, jam, juice, soda, marshmallow, gummy and other jellipop treats? Then follow our happy flavoured story. Use powerful bombs to blast the sugar out of the fruit into a candy pop fever mania!

Be sure to share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite friends and compete with them in the leaderboards and on the level map!

If you like candy themed match 3 puzzle games, click and match, swap and match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then Sweet Candies 2 is the right game for you!

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